All HTML Tags And Tutorial

HTML Tutorial

HTML Tutorial

Defines Of HTML:

The full form of HTML Hyper Text Markup Language. It is used to markup hypertext. That is, HTML is used to create the basic structure of a website. HTML plays a major role in web design. Web design cannot be imagined without HTML. To be a web designer you must learn HTML.

Defines Of HTML Tag:

When it comes to learning HTML, we must first learn about HTML tags. Because you have to write through HTML tags. There are two types of HTML tags. E.g. first is single tag and second is double tag. <> this is the tag but in double tag <> this is the beginning tag and </> this is the closing tag. You have to write the code in it <> and </>. You want type the tag name inside the <> and </>. For example in double tag, (<tag name>elements</tag name>) ,<html>myhtmlcode</html> this is the double tag role. If you want to add attributes in HTML you can add attributes inside the beginning tag. For example <tag name="attributes">elements</tag name> Now single tag not have beginning and closing tag it is only one tag it is </>. For example (<tag name/>) <br/> this is the single tag role.

HTML Version:

Tim Berners-Lee invented www 1989
Tim Berners-Lee invented HTML 1991
Dave Raggett drafted HTML+ 1993
HTML Working Group defined HTML 2.0 1995
HTML 3.2 1997
HTML 4.01 1999
XHTML 1.0 2000
HTML5 First Public Draft 2008
HTML5 Living Standard 2012
HTML5 2014
HTML 5.1 2016
HTML5.1 2nd Edition 2017
HTML5.2 2017

Using Notepad on Writing the Coding  and Show the results on Browser:

We already know about the HTML A HTML tag. Now we trying to learn how can you make the code and show the result on browser. At first We are generally use notepad making the HTML code. Below is a list of Notepads that use HTML for coding.

The List of Popular Notepad To Make HTML Code:

The Popular Notepads is used for HTML coding.
1. Notepad++ Most Used
2. Espresso
3. Vim
4. BBEdit
5. TextMate
6. Atom
7. Sublime Text
8. UltraEdit
9. Coda
10. Brackets
11. CoffeeCup HTML Editor
12. TextWrangler
In addition to these, there are many more notepads for HTML coding. But these are very useful for HTML coding.

Output Of HTML code:

The output results of the HTML code generated by different web browsers can be display. You can view HTML results using any browser as you wish. Below is a list of some popular browsers.
1. Google Chrome Most Used
2. Firefox Mozilla
3. Internet Explorer
4. Safari
5. Opera
6. Konqueror
7. Lynx
8. Uc browser
9. Maxthon
10. Brave
In addition to these, there are many more browser for HTML coding. But these are very useful for HTML Chaking.

All HTML Tutorial:

All HTML tag with Definition and created codes with example Given below.

HTML All Tags List And Tutorial:

Click on each tag and Get an idea of ​​the work and description of HTML. If you master these in the right way, you will be able to acquire all the knowledge of your HTML in a smooth manner.
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