HTML thead Tag

HTML <thead> tag

HTML <thead> Tag

HTML thead tag: 

This is a double tag. <thead> This is the beginning tag and </thead> this is the closing tag. This <thead> tag defines a set of rows defining the head of the columns of the HTML table. Browsers can used They are tags to enable scrolling of the table body freely of the header and footer. all time, when stamping a large table that spans multiple pages, They are tags can enable the table header and footer to be stamping at the top and bottom of each page. This tag using for group header content in a table, conjunction with the <tbody> and <tfoot> tag to specify each part of a table like header, body and footer. That <thead> element must be used in the following context, like a child of a <table> tags, after any <caption>, and <colgroup> tags, and before any <tbody><tfoot>, and <tr> tags.

<thead>= Table head.
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Thead content 1Thead content 2

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HTML <thead> tag.
HTML <thead> tag.
HTML <thead> tag.
HTML <thead> tag.
HTML <thead> tag.
HTML <thead> tag.
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  • Html Version Differenc: Differences Between HTML 5 and 4.01.


If you want to make table head using HTML code, Use HTML <th> element.

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