HTML script Tag

HTML <script> tag

HTML <script> tag

HTML Script tag: 

This is a double tag. <script> This is the beginning tag and </script> this is the closing  tag. This <script> tag contains a scripting statement, or it points to an external script file via the src attribute.This element embed or reference executable code. That is typically use to embed or reference to JavaScript code. Common used for JavaScript are image manipulation, validation, form and dynamic changed of content. This tag using for define a client-side script (JavaScript).

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Html <Script> Element

HTML <script> tag

Support Browser
HTML <script> tag
HTML <script> tag
HTML <script> tag
HTML <script> tag
HTML <script> tag
HTML <script> tag
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  • Elements Attributes:  async, charset, defer, src, type, xml:space, etc.

    • Html Version Differenc: Differences Between HTML 5 and 4.01. 

    xml:space is not support in html5.

    Note: If the "src" attribute is present, this <script> tag must be empty and several ways an external script can be executed.

    If you want to make script content like hello world using HTML code, Use HTML<script> element.

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