HTML ruby Tag

HTML <ruby> tag

HTML <ruby> tag

HTML ruby tag: 

This is a double tag. <ruby> This is the beginning tag and </ruby> this is the closing  tag. The <ruby> tag a ruby Note or annotation is a small extra text, Connected to the main text to indicate the  meaning of the Similar to characters. This tag using for often kind of annotation is in Japanese publications. Use the <ruby> element together within the <rt> element and/or the <rp> element. The <ruby> tag Structure of one or more characters that needs explanation and the <rt> tag that gives that information, and an optional <rp> tag this defines what to show for browsers that do not support ruby annotations.

<ruby >=A ruby Annotation.
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Support Browser
HTML <ruby> tag
HTML <ruby> tag
HTML <ruby> tag
HTML <ruby> tag
HTML <ruby> tag
HTML <ruby> tag
38.0 15.05.0

  • Html Version Differenc: Differences Between HTML 5 and 4.01. 

This <ruby> element is a new in HTML5.

If you want to make a ruby annotation using HTML code, Use HTML<ruby> element.

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