HTML frame Tag

HTML <frame> tag

HTML <frame> tag

HTML frame tag: 

This is a double tag. <frame> This is the beginning tag and </frame>  this is the closing tag. This <frame> element defines one indicated window frame with a <frameset>. This tag using for Displaying another web page inside a page. Otherwise The web browser to split windows into multiple sections where each section can be loaded separately. This tag defines one Specific window (frame) into a <frameset>. Have some deferent attributes use <frame> in a <frameset>. resize, ability, scrolling etc.

<frame>=Farame displaying another web page.
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Not supported. try to chake your xml file

Support Browser
HTML <frame> tag
HTML <frame> tag
HTML <frame> tag
HTML <frame> tag
HTML <frame> tag
HTML <frame> tag
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  • Elements Attributes:  accept,charset,act act,autocomplete,target,name etc.
    • Html Version Differenc: Differences Between HTML 5 and 4.01.

    In HTML5 the <frame> tag is not supported.

    Note: <frame> element is not supporte in html5.

    If you want to displaying another web page using HTML code, Use HTML<frame> element.

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