HTML details tag

HTML <details> tag

HTML <details> tag

HTML details tag:  

This is a a double tag. <details> This is the beginning tag and </details>  this is the closing tag. This <details> element specifies extra details it the user can view or hide on demand. This tag using for additional details view or hide. Additional details that The user can view or hide on demand. The HTML <details> element can be use to make an interactive widget that the user can open and close. Any sort of content can be put under the HTML <details> element. This tag can be used with the HTML <summary> tag to provide a heading that can be clicked on to expand or collapse for the details as required.

<detalist>=details of an element.
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Support Browser
HTML <details> tag
HTML <details> tag
HTML <details> tag
HTML <details> tag
HTML <details> tag
HTML <details> tag
12.0No49.0 15.06.0

  • Html Version Differenc:Differences Between HTML 4.01 & html 5.

In HTML5 the <details> tag is new.

If you want make details on your topics using HTML code. Use HTML<details > element.

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