HTML col tag

HTML <col> tag

HTML <col> tag

HTML col tag:

This is a double tag. <col> This is the beginning tag and </col>  this is the closing tag. This <col> element specifies column properties for each column into a <colgroup> tag. The HTML <col> element is useful for applying styles to total columns, as an alternative of rehearse the styles for every cell, for every row. One or more columns within a colgroup. You can set background color and applying style to entire columns use this tag. And Making style for table heading,cell and row.

<col>=attributes for table columns.
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HTML <col> tag
HTML <col> tag
HTML <col> tag
HTML <col> tag
HTML <col> tag
HTML <col> tag
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  • Html Version Differenc: Differences Between HTML 5 and 4.01.

In HTML5 Most of the attributes in HTML 4.01 are not supported.

If you want make background color and applying style to entire columns using HTML code, Use HTML<col> element.

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